Nicki Doane Training Intensive


with Nicki Doane 

Tuesday, May 1st-Saturday, May 5th, 2018


*Training is open to all yoga students and teachers looking to deepen their own teaching and practice 


New: All classes are open to drop-in! You can take one class, 5 classes or all 9!

TUESDAY 6:30pm-8:30pm 





10% discount if you bring a friend! 15% discount if you bring 2 friends! Call Nina for details 808-221-4258.

$400 for the week (all above sessions included and you will receive 25 Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Hours). Or…

$35 for Tuesday evening drop-in

$50 for morning drop-ins  Wed-Sat

$45 for afternoon drop-ins  Wed-Sat




Sunset Beach Recreation Center Hosted by Paumalu Yoga.

GPS: Kahae Rd. & Kamehameha Hwy., Haleiwa, HI 96712 (the real address does not work properly).


The North Shore Yoga Co-op, 67-174 Farrington Highway, Waialua, HI, 96791


Please call or text Nina (Beatty) Ungerleider at 808-221-4258 with questions or to sign up. 50% deposit to reserve your spot for the entire training, remainder due on or before the first class. Must pay in full to reserve your spot for any on the Open Asana Classes (drop-ins welcome).

***CLASS DESCRIPTIONS All afternoon classes may be open for continued discussion from the morning classes if needed in addition to the subject matter listed below.

TUESDAY, 6:30pm-8:30pm- Free Your HIPS, Free Your LIFE! It is now an acknowledged fact that tight hips can be a serious risk to your health. The AMA, American Medical Association, has publicly declared that sitting is the new smoking. Yogis of course have known this for a long time and there are many poses to help open the hips safely and effectively.  There are four sides to the hips, the front, back, inner and outer which are made up of the quadriceps and psoas ( hip flexors), the hamstrings, external rotators and the inner groins.  This class will cover all four sides and share poses to help you maintain your open hips throughout your life.

WEDNESDAY, 9am-Noon Embrace the Unknown with Backbends.

Yum Fun! Optional vegetarian potluck after class across the street on the beach! Bring a dish to share. Wednesday only.

WEDNESDAY 2pm-4:45pm Intro to the Yoga Sutras. Nicki will discuss some of her favorite and most relevant Yoga Sutras of Patanjali to our yoga practice and daily lives. This will be a discussion-oriented class with some pranayama, chanting and meditation included.  

THURSDAY 9am-Noon Passport To Your Core with Inversions: the upside down poses.  Through an intelligent sequence of poses we will practice Handstands at the wall whether you are a pro already or a complete novice.  Forearm balance will be done at the wall as well and headstand and shoulderstand will be introduced and shared as well.  We will complete the class with the most restful pose, Viparita karani, legs up against the wall.

*THURSDAY 2pm-4:45pm Deep Restorative. Relax, Let Go, Restore. *This class will be held at the North Shore Yoga Co-op in Waialua- 67-174 Farrington Highway, Waialua, HI, 96791.

FRIDAY 9am-Noon Stand Tall- Open Your Shoulders, Neck and Upper Back Safely. Great for anyone with tension in those areas along with those who sit at a desk a lot (computer work), athletics (surfing, paddling, swimming), etc.

FRIDAY 2pm-4:45pm Citti Vritis- Exploring ancient yogic thoughts on the root causes of an afflicted mind. In this class we will look at the “Vrittis” which are the fluctuations and agitations of the mind. Much of the discussion will come from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

SATURDAY 9am-Noon Maya Yoga Vinyasa Fusion FlowThis is a strong dynamic yoga class that incorporates all aspects of Maya Yoga including asana, pranayama, chanting, meditation, prayer, and deep relaxation, to leave you feeling recharged and inspired about your practice.

SATURDAY 2pm-4:45pm Adjustments for Teachers- Open to yoga teachers AND students eager to learn more. Insight on how to adjust yoga students safely & effectively. This will also be open for Q&A to help teachers be more effective in a yoga classroom setting and questions to conclude our training for the week.



About Nicki:

Although rooted in Ashtanga, Nicki‘s teaching goes beyond the traditional. Her Vinyasa classes combine asana, pranayama, philosophy, and poetry. Nicki’s emphasis is on awareness: creating integrity within each pose that can be carried beyond the mat into daily life. Nicki strives to teach each student that yoga is about being fully present in the moment and discover- ing that we are truly all One: One Love, One People, One Heart, One Destination – Our Higher Self.

Please visiter her website at for detailed information about her!



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