Class Descriptions

Hatha yoga is a general term for “exercise Yoga”.  In Sanskrit “Ha” translates as sun, and “tha” meaning moon.  With that in mind, hopefully this practice brings the you more balance and clarity to your path.  The system of Hatha Yoga was originally designed so that the practitioner could be more comfortable in a meditative seat.  All classes below (with exception of meditation classes) are considered Hatha Yoga.
Vinyasa is a dynamic practice linking breath and movement, leading up to a specific intention. Traditional postures are connected by intentional transitions to create an experience of meditation in motion. Classes work through basic standing and seated poses and include precise instruction, inspiring adjustments, and transformative philosophy. This invigorating practice will develop strength, stamina, and flexibility.
Beginner???   Talk to the instructor to see what classes might be appropriate for you.
If you do not have any injuries and are in sound physical health- an all level class is an option(variations are given to suit ALL levels).

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