Monday  November 12th canceled in observance of Veterans’ Day

9am-10:15am Jivamukti Yoga (vinyasa-style) -level 2-3, Sunset Beach Recreation Centertaught by Eliza Johnson.


9am-10:15am Morning Flow-level 2-3, Sunset Beach Recreation Centertaught by Kilty Inafuku. 

Thursday  November 22nd canceled in observance of Thanksgiving Day

7pm-8:15pm Yin & Meditation All Levels, Sunset Beach Recreation Centertaught by Nina (Beatty) Ungereleider

-First 50 minutes gentle stretches to prepare the body to meditate. 20-25 minute meditation. Chairs available. *if you would just like to meditate, you can come in QUIETLY at 7:50pm and sit with us in meditation for the final portion of class.


10am-11:30am Vinyasa All Levels, Sunset Beach Recreation Center, taught by Nina (Beatty) Ungerleider


-ALL CLASSES ARE LOCATED AT THE SUNSET BEACH RECREATION CENTER.  Please contact Nina Beatty if you would like more schedule information.  808-221-4258.


All classes at the SBRC are brought to you courtesy of Positive Energetics Foundation. For more information go

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