Classes begin on Wednesday, September 18th, 2023 at the Sunset Beach Recreation Center. Schedule is listed below.


You have to register for the class session in advance. Classes begin Sept. 13th and the session runs until December 6th, 2023. 


-There are two ways to sign up- online, links below AND in person.

-You must register for each class separately. There is a limit of 25 people/class.

  1. Monday, 9am, Vinyasa yoga class with Eliza Johnson  SIGN UP HERE:;id=64b7213186fbde6438c51a6f;dialog=false.
  2. Monday, 10:30am, Chair yoga class with NINA BEATTY, SIGN UP HERE:;id=64b7204d86fbde6438c51a45;dialog=false
  3. Wednesday, 9am, Gentle/Yin yoga class with Sara Phelan  SIGN UP HERE:;id=64f256847ba821042f64cb62;dialog=false
  4. You can register in-person at the Sunset Beach Rec Center BEFORE the class begins. If you sign up the day of class, you won’t be able to attend the class until the following week. I highly recommend calling before you go down there, to make sure someone is there. 808-638-7213.


Mondays, 9:00am-10:15am, Vinyasa with Eliza Johnson

Mondays, 10:30am-11:30am, Chair Yoga with Nina Ungerleider

Wednesdays, 9:00am-10:15, Yoga with Sara Phelan

It is FREE to sign up. This is the only way we were able to get back into the center. We have rented the space out for 12 years as a 501c3, accepting donations, and never turning anyone away. In our opinion, it was a win-win for everyone. However, due to a change in administration, there has been a change of interpretation of donations and rules, etc. We are currently working with the Director of Park and Recreation, Laura Theilen, to try to straighten this out and return to our old and trusted way of offering classes to the community. Another HUGE reason to why we offered classes this way, was you as a participant, could drop in anytime, we could have classes outside of city hours (for 9-5 workers!!!) AND we could offer classes outside of the city programs (Fall & Spring are the only times we can have classes in this current situation). For now, please make sure to sign up in advance. You only have to sign up once, for the whole session.

Classes are free for this Fall session. However, if you can imagine, this won’t be sustainable for the teachers. We do want to return to accepting donations ASAP, but if you know the City & County, things are very slow moving. If there is anything you see that you don’t agree with, I encourage you to speak up and share your opinions with the city.

Please be respectful.
Don’t come if you are sick or not feeling well.

Class Descriptions:

Gentle/Yin Yoga: This gentle/yin class will consist of yin yoga poses & gentle flow poses, depending on the day and the students who come. It is a class to slow down a little, stretch, release tension, breathe, be still, relax, and reboot the parasympathetic nervous system. Class will include mindfulness and some meditation. This class is open to all levels- a great class for beginners. We also highly recommend this class for those who lean towards a more athletic class and are always on the run, to find some balance and slow down a little bit. 75 minutes.

Vinyasa: A fun, playful and sometimes challenging class where postures & movements are linked to our breath. Sun Salutations, standing poses, balance postures, backbends, sometimes and inversion or two, there is a bit of everything in this class.  Usually there is a fun music playlist too! 75 minutes total. We end with a deep shavasana. 

Chair Yoga: This class is great for seniors or ANYONE who just wants a super basic class, with great benefits. Maybe you have limited mobility? Or just cleared (from your doctor)for more activities after an injury? Most postures are done while seated in a chair. Some simple standing poses will be offered. There are also a few reclined postures which are optional. We practice getting up safely from the ground to your chair. Mindful breathing techniques along with relaxation and meditation techniques will be offered- which we think is the best and most important part! Leave feeling relaxed and with more clarity & peace. 60 minutes. 

We do recommend you come in fairly healthy shape- meaning no injuries or health conditions that yoga might exacerbate, rather than heal. Talk to your doctor first if concerned. Feel free to give us a call too- 808-221-4258.

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