9am-10:15am Vinyasa -level 2-3, Sunset Beach Recreation Centertaught by Eliza Johnson.

Join Eliza for a fun, upbeat vinyasa class, that you will most likely rock out to a little bit, laugh, and sweat, all at once!

11am-Noon Chair Yoga & Relaxation for Kupuna, Sunset Beach Recreation Centertaught by Nina (Beatty) Ungerleider. (This is a free class that you have to sign up for in the C&C office at the center)

Sub schedule for Kupuna Yoga:

October 14, 21- Eliza Johnson

October 28, November 4- Darcie Peck

November 18, 25- Kilty Inafuku

Does sitting crossed legged on the floor sound terrifying? This class is taught for my parent’s gang and all their friends! All ages welcome, though dedicated to all the kupuna out there! 75% of poses done seated in a chair, some standing poses, optional reclined relaxation.


9am-10:15am Vinyasa-level 2-3, Sunset Beach Recreation Centertaught by Kilty Inafuku. 

Join Kilty for a challenging & fun Vinyasa class that you will most likely break a sweat, probably laugh a bit and feel really good in shivasana at the end of class.


6:30pm-7:40pm Yin Yoga-All levels, Sunset Beach Recreation Centertaught by Nina (Beatty) Ungerleider. 

Sub schedule for Yin Yoga

October 3, 10, 17- Sara Phelan

October 24- Eliza Johnson

November 7, 14, 21- Kilty Inafuku


October 31st & November 28th



10am-11:30am Vinyasa All Levels, Sunset Beach Recreation Center, taught by Eliza Johnson.

Join us for a mindful Saturday morning flow that will challenge the beginner, and make the well-seasoned yogi slow down and think about what they are doing- there is no need to rush!  (Nina will return in December 2019)

-ALL CLASSES ARE LOCATED AT THE SUNSET BEACH RECREATION CENTER.  Please contact Nina Beatty if you would like more schedule information.  808-221-4258.


All classes at the SBRC are brought to you courtesy of Positive Energetics Foundation. For more information go

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