Suggested donation of $7-15 per class.

What does suggested donation mean?  Most donations are made in monetary form.  Please donate in how you value your class and how you see fit to support your financial situation.  Some workshops might have a higher suggested donation in order to cover the rent and compensate for the educators, musicians, healers, etc.


This is what Nina and all the teachers at Paumalu Yoga do for a living.  Please be honest about what you can afford.

If you cannot pay what you think you class is worth, consider a trade.  Please ask your teacher is this works for them.  Most classes on O’ahu range from $10-20 per class.

If you don’t have money- we NEED volunteers to clean the floors and yoga mats at the Sunset Beach Rec Center!  It is a shared space and we would prefer it to be cleaner than it is.  Please talk to your teacher about this.

Trades that have worked in the past:  House cleaning, marketing, massage, acupuncture, website assistance.



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